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Our Help and Support page is dedicated to providing our customers with assistance in relation to all aspects of their Unifi Cloud Hosting account. Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions section which is full of information and advice which will assist you. Should you still have a query complete the contact form at the base of the page or utilise our chat facility and we will assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions - Unifi Hosting

Simply Click the BUY button and complete the form, it takes a few minutes
Yes we can provide pricing for equipment. Please send an e-mail with your specific enquiry.
Yes we provide regular updates to the controller, updates are applied weekly and we'll send you an e-mail advising of the work completed.
We'll send you a link to your individual controller. Just login with the details provided and you're away. We always recommend resetting your password. We also recommend you create a DNS CNAME to personalise your site. We'll send you all of this information as part of the welcome email you receive.
Hosting Starts from £19 per month and the controller is yours to fully manage and use as you need.
At the login screen there is a “Forgot Password” button, just follow the short steps to regain access and set a new password.
As you increase your package & device limit we will automatically add more space. Your site will never run out of space.
No. We run rolling 30 day contracts so you can flex up & down as needed. You can also leave if you wish.
After the 30 day trial we'll automatically convert you to a full subscription based on your original choice & package selected.

Frequently Asked Questions - SpamTitan

Immediately. SpamTitan will start processing messages as soon as all the changes are made.
As the partner you get a portal to login and manage your clients. You can provide this to your clients also. The portal allows you to release, block, whitelist messages and senders.
Message History. The portal allows you to see all messages and select the action you would like to take.
This is configurable by you. It’s possible to provide each user (mailbox) with access to THEIR spam mail and manage delivery for themselves. You can also designate individuals to have slightly more access over what flows.
We have on-line documentation and getting started guides. There are relatively few basics needed to get this up and running.
We monitor the platform 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year to ensure it is working correctly. Support for specifics is available Monday - Friday 9am - 5:30pm.
We bill you monthly in advance for each mailbox. Where mailboxes are added mid-month we invoice Pro-rata.
£1 per month per mailbox. A sensible price for this is £2.50 but this is entirely up to you. Volume pricing is available above 50 licenses.
We license per mailbox so users can have multiple aliases associated with a mailbox.

Still have a question?

If you have consulted the FAQ's above and still can't find the answer to your question please send us a message using the contact form below and we will get in touch. Alternatively use our chat facility and one of our online techncians will be happy to assist you.

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