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MSPs – Build Your Brand with White Labelled Dedicated Cloud Hosting

With a growing population of MSPs vying for the patronage of business IT clients, the challenge for you as an organisation in this market is to differentiate your own brand from numerous others. Dedicated solutions offering proven platforms like Unifi Cloud Hosting, or using technologies like the Unifi Controller, can relieve your business of much of the infrastructure and management burden required in delivering top-notch managed services. And with a white label offering, it's possible to go further – by delivering these services to consumers under your own banner.  

Building Your Brand to Compete with Other MSPs

Although you may have established a reputation as trusted adviser and technical partner to any number of clients, this in itself may not be enough. A managed services environment that includes so many players now requires more than just base competence if your organisation is to stand out when compared to other MSPs. 

With businesses ever more demanding of their IT departments, you have to be able to offer the resources, software, and services they currently need – and be in a position to provide for special circumstances (plus ongoing requirements) in the future. You also need to fulfil your role in a manner that distinguishes you from your rivals and positions you as a "go to" organisation for any number of demands – be they for networking, virtualisation, security services, storage, disaster recovery, email, web hosting, or other things.

The problem is, you may not have the budget, personnel, or IT expertise necessary for branching out into all the levels of service provision you ideally desire. This is especially true if, like the majority of MSPs these days, you're a small to medium-sized business. A white labelled hosting solution can help you overcome this obstacle.

The White Label Advantage

White label products and services are sold or operate under the brand name of the business that buys or subscribes to them from a third-party provider. When those goods or services are made available to clients and the buying public, these end users typically won't have any interaction with that third party. So, for all they know, the service they're getting originates from the business whose brand name and logo are "stamped" on the product – yours.

Typically, white labelled commodities are fully developed and supported by their original provider or manufacturer. By leaving a blank slate for subscribers and resellers to put their own logos and brand identities on the white label product, the supplier has no need to dedicate time and resources for marketing or distribution. These activities become your responsibility as the apparent originator of the service or product. This leaves the white label provider free to concentrate on improving their core offerings, while you reap the benefits of making their offering available to your clients.

Both sides win.

Building Your Brand with a White Label Solution

By its very nature, a white labelled dedicated cloud hosting solution will provide several avenues for building and developing your brand. At the core level, dedicated hosting furnishes all the IT infrastructure, software, and services that you need to cater for your clients – but without the need for you to manage a load of hardware, or to spend time and money on monitoring and maintaining a data centre network. These tasks fall to your dedicated hosting provider, and not having to do them yourself leaves your own team free to concentrate on the urgent matters of establishing your brand presence and growing your business.

Stamping a white label platform with your own brand name and logo gives your clients the impression that the IT services and software they're receiving originate from your own extensive and feature-rich infrastructure. If you're like other MSPs and only have a modest-sized operation, this impression alone can elevate your brand image, positioning you in the minds of your customers as a large and dependable enterprise.

Since the hosting platform is cloud-based, it's easy and economical to order fresh resources as your client base grows, or as you seek to diversify your business. And if your provider has options for ancillary and value-adding services, you can call on these to expand your own service offerings.

Building on Established Platforms and Technologies

Unifi Cloud Hosting has gained a deserved reputation as a world-class platform for managed services provision. If you're looking to gain a competitive edge over other MSPs, it's one of the technology options that you should really be considering. 

The UniFi Cloud Key is a full "headless" computer with local storage, which provides centralised network management, whether your location is online or offline. UniFi Cloud Access provides central control for all Cloud Keys, which are ideally suited for small business networks.

Ubiquiti offers the UniFi Controller software license for free, and the software can run on cloud or local servers. Supported operating systems include Linux (Ubuntu), Microsoft Windows 7/8/10, and macOS 10.11 or above. There's a UniFi App, which, while it doesn't run the Controller software, does provide standalone and remote options for setting up your network. 

MSP-HOST offers Unifi Cloud Hosting for service providers looking for a streamlined, hassle free, and cost-effective solution for managing their clients’ hosting requirements. The hosting packages allow you to provide your customers with all of the advantages of Ubiquiti's Unifi, without the hefty upfront costs of setting up your own hosting equipment.

What's more, MSP-HOST is a white label offering, with an infrastructure and resource management solution that you, the MSP, can brand as your own.

If you'd like to learn more about how a white label dedicated solution harnessing the power of Unifi Cloud Hosting and the Unifi Controller can benefit your business and build your brand to compete more effectively with other MSPs, contact the experts at MSP-HOST