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What Is A “White Label” Dedicated Hosting Solution?

For the managed service provider, a white label dedicated hosting solution can address some major challenges, while delivering serious benefits to the enterprise. Here's why.

As an MSP, one of the major obstacles you'll have to overcome is how to differentiate your brand from the numerous other providers out there, all vying for the attention of corporate clients. To complicated matters, you'll need to distinguish yourself from the crowd while consistently delivering world-class levels of service and infrastructure provision for your customers. White label dedicated hosting offers the power to address all of these issues.

White Label Basics

"White label" describes a marketing model in which a manufacturer of products or provider of services makes their commodities available (for a fee) to independent agents or resellers, who can package and distribute them as their own. It's so called because, essentially, the items concerned will bear a blank template (or white label) which the subscriber or buyer can fill in with their own company name, logo, and other brand-specific information.

Though the underlying item originates from a particular source, the end user or consumer is never aware of this. All they see and know is the brand that features on the goods or services they're getting. Supermarkets have been using white labelling (sometimes known as private labelling) practices for years to sell products as diverse as biscuits, breakfast cereals, or razor blades.

With cereals, for example, this enables them to put their name and logo on popular varieties that look and taste exactly like the products from big name brands – because they are. But with a white label, the supermarket can package them as if they originate in-house, set its own standards, and offer these goods to the public at a reduced cost. Often, those self-same "big name" products will be sitting on the same shelves – at their characteristic big name price. 

The Marketing Logic

At first glance, white label practices might seem counter-intuitive, as far as the original providers are concerned. But the truth is all participants in the deal stand to benefit.

For the originator, surrendering responsibility for promoting and distributing their products to a third party relieves them of this business burden. It also frees up their in-house talent for creating new offerings, improving existing ones, and managing the infrastructure that makes it all possible.

For you as an agent, reseller, or service provider, having a pre-packaged set of high-quality products or services from a reputable source swells and improves your inventory or portfolio, allowing you to offer greater variety and higher standards to your consumers. And with the white label mechanism, all of these offerings will bear your company name and brand identity in the eyes of your customers.

And your customers, of course, will gain access to top-quality products and services at a competitive rate.

What Is Dedicated Hosting?

Managing the IT operations of multiple businesses and acting as a trusted advisor in technical matters requires considerable resources. If you're like most MSPs, you'll be operating on a modest budget with a limited workforce. It's because of this that cloud-based infrastructure and IT expertise are such an attractive option.

Public or shared cloud hosting solutions require subscribers to dip into a pool of common resources, such as server capacity, network bandwidth, and computing power. Even with a large host, these resources have finite limits – and their moment-to-moment availability can vary depending on the usage of others in the shared space.

What's more, a shared cloud also comes with shared IP addresses – a fact which can come back to haunt you if even one of the organisations having a common address with yours engages in illicit practices like spam generation or malware distribution.

Dedicated hosting avoids these dilemmas by assigning to each subscriber their own dedicated cloud, complete with infrastructure, IP address, software, and services. Solutions can be scaled up or down on demand, and as well as managing and maintaining the underlying infrastructure, your host may also provide additional tools and value-adding features which may be passed on to your managed services clients.

White Label Dedicated Hosting

A white label dedicated hosting solution will therefore give your MSP business the best of two worlds: an infrastructure platform from which you can provision and remotely manage the IT environments of your business clients, and the ability to label the services you provide with your own brand name and logo, marking your organisation as the source of a comprehensive, secure, and reliable IT system.

MSP-HOST offers Unifi cloud hosting for service providers who are looking for a streamlined, hassle-free and cost-effective solution for managing their clients’ hosting requirements. With MSP-HOST, you can enjoy all the benefits of Unifi cloud hosting at a fraction of the cost of investing in the equipment to establish a hosting environment yourself, with hosting packages that start from as little as £19 per month.

The hosting environment is tailored to ensure that you can manage your clients, sites, and networks seamlessly through the single interface of the Unifi controller. You will be provided with your own dedicated hosting area on one of MSP-HOST's servers, which will be managed by you and is completely secure and accessible only by you.

MSP-HOST is a white label dedicated hosting solution, allowing you to assume full control of the hosting environment, while branding the MSP-HOST-provided service as your own. In this way, you can demonstrate to clients that you have your own dedicated infrastructure – a luxury usually afforded only to the largest enterprises – creating the credibility and the unique selling point you need to stand out from the crowd.

If you'd like to know more about MSP-HOST's white label dedicated hosting and how it can benefit your MSP business, contact the experts at MSP-HOST.