• Dedicated Unifi Cloud Hosting for Service Providers


Unifi Controller - Launch It In The Cloud.

Unifi Controller provides a seamless, effective and transparent way to manage all your clients’ network devices in one place. At MSP we aim to make that process even more straightforward by providing you with an easily accessible and secure cloud-based hosting environment at an affordable monthly cost.

Unifi Controller

We are huge advocators of Ubiquiti's Unifi Network Management Controller and our hosting environment is tailored to ensure that you can manage your clients, sites and networks seamlessly through Unifi's single interface controller. You will be provided your own dedicated hosting area on one of our servers which will be managed by you and is completely secure and accessible only by you.

An Affordable, Effective, Secure Hosting Solution

The benefits of using MSP-HOST to facilitate your business hosting environment speak for themselves. We are dedicated to providing a secure, accessible and transparent hosting environment that you can truly call YOUR PLACE IN THE CLOUD

  • SECURE - encrypted with SSL, latest security and regular back ups
  • COST EFFECTIVE - no initial insallation or set up costs
  • SCALABLE - increases with your business as you grow
  • STABLE - controller is up to date with latest revisions at all times
  • ACCESSIBLE - easily access your dashboard anytime, anywhere
Unifi Cloud Hosting
Unifi Cloud Hosting

Monthly Unifi Cloud Hosting Plans

Unifi cloud hosting doesn’t have to involve heavy amounts of upfront investment - our hosting packages allow you to provide your customers with all of the advantages provided by Ubiquitis Unifi without the hefty upfront costs of setting up your own hosting equipment.

30 Day Trial Package*


  • Up to 25 devices
  • Unlimited sites
  • SSL & VPS

Standard Package


a month
  • Up to 125 devices 
  • Unlimited sites
  • SSL & VPS

Professional Package


a month
  • Up to 250 devices 
  • Unlimited sites
  • SSL & VPS

Enterprise Package


a month
  • Up to 500 devices 
  • Unlimited sites
  • SSL & VPS

* sign up for a 30 day free trial - at the end of the 30 days your account will convert intoour basic account. Should you wish to cancel at the end of your trial please contact us via email or before the 30th day to inform us that you do not wish to proceed onto the basic package.

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