• Dedicated Unifi Cloud Hosting for Service Providers


Why Use MSP Host For Your Cloud Hosting?

MSP Host was established with one goal in mind - to supply hosting providers with an affordable and accessible solution for managing their clients’ hosting needs through Unifi. With years of experience in the industry, MSP understands the needs of hosting companies and focuses on providing a hosting environment which is 100% compatible and tailored to Ubiquitis Unifi.

  • SECURE - encrypted with SSL, the latest security and regular back ups
  • COST EFFECTIVE - no initial installation or setup costs
  • SCALABLE - grows alongside your business
  • STABLE - controller is always up to date with latest revisions
  • ACCESSIBLE - easily access your dashboard anytime, anywhere
What makes us different?

MSP Hosting is all about providing SaaS specifically for Service Providers, we don’t sell directly, and our platforms are built so you can manage, configure and brand the service 100% as your own. Having a platform, you manage, control and brand adds to your credibility.

We also bill monthly so you can flex up and down at any time to suit the demands of your business and run in a true Opex model with no Capital expenditure.

We take care of the challenging bit of managing the datacentre infrastructure, compute, power and internet capacity and the underlying controller. Leaving you free to focus on managing your clients and their environments.

Affordable, Low Monthly Cost

Our Hosting Packages are designed to remove the high cost barrier that some businesses believe is involved with establishing a Unifi set up. Large amounts of investment in setup and hosting equipment are no longer needed as with MSP Host we provide you with access to everything you need from a hosting environment perspective. Simply sign up to your chosen package, we will send you access, connect your devices and you are away!

Unifi Cloud Hosting

Unifi Cloud Hosting

Unifi Cloud Hosting

Still Unsure?

Try before you committ with our 30 day trial package.

At MSP Host we provide you with Your Place In The Cloud to utilise in the way that best suits the needs of your business and your client requirements. We make it as easy as possible for you to quickly be up and running in a secure and stable environment which you can access anytime, anywhere.